We’re still open and installing accessible bathrooms.

Work With Us

Employing The Very Best

For over 22 years, we’ve been creating mobility bathrooms as a family-owned and operated business. We started off as a small business in Lincolnshire and have now expanded to build bathrooms all over the UK.

Our ability to create bathing solutions for each customer, as well as our experience and high-quality workmanship, has contributed to our success.

Furthermore, we prioritise customer care and treat each customer as if they were one of our own, ensuring that they are treated with dignity throughout the process.

We only work with the best, as well as people that share our vision and goal of delivering safe, affordable bathing to those in critical need.

In exchange, we provide great employee and self-employed benefits including corporate vehicles, supplies, and expense allowances, as well as additional skill training and professional development opportunities to help you achieve your full potential.

We value and understand work/life balance, and we’ll be there for you no matter what your requirements or circumstances are.

Bathroom Fitters

If you’re interested in learning more about working as a bathroom fitter with AHM, we’ve created a page with all of the pertinent details, including pay, terms, hours, and locations.

Click the button below to go to the page. The password can be obtained by contacting us by phone or email. Our Facebook page is also a good way to contact us.


Marketing & Customer Care

My role is to coordinate all of our print ads that go into newspapers and magazines. I also liaise with customers when they make a phone enquiry and I speak to them at the various stages of the process to ensure they are happy and understand each stage of the process.

How would you describe life as an AHM colleague?

*Quote from Joni* 


Tech Surveyor
My role is to visit customers’ homes following the initial survey to assess the bathroom to ensure all the desired products, fittings and pipework are a suitable match and that we won’t find anything that will hinder the installation once we start the renovation. There are many factors to consider such as age of the property, current heating systems, previous building work, type of floor – the list is endless. 


How would you describe life as an AHM colleague?

AHM really are great to work for. Simon, Julie and Charlie have such a passion for caring for customers’ and this resonates with all AHM colleagues. We’re also supported and empowered to undertake our jobs as we see fit, there is certainly no micromanagement.

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